Representing the people of South Carolina and doing things differently

I am proud to be your Senator and I am committed to doing things differently. Here's a few steps I have taken so far ...

I removed the door from my office

I believe in transparency that nothing in my office is done behind closed doors. The office I occupy belongs to the people, not to me.

Opted out of a senate license plate

I don’t agree that there should be a special privilege given to me when I am on the road. Therefore, I decided not to take the license plate.

Meeting with all judicial candidates

I spent at least 15 minutes with each candidate, meeting 32 out of 35 candidates. This way I can make an informed decision about this important choice.

Free coffee in my office

I want to encourage others to come and talk with me about what is going on in our State. There is a strong possibility that a few chocolates will also be available when you come by.

District Pin Map

In my office I have a map of the district, to allow guests to pin where they are from. They also can sign my guest book and leave an email address. This allows me to stay in contact with my constituents and to get a better sense of where they are from in the district.

Spending time in Columbia

I am driving back and forth - when possible, I am making a daily trip back and forth to Columbia. While it is nice to walk into a place where everyone knows your name and wants to help you, that atmosphere can quickly change your personality and focus. It is important to get back home to my family and the people I represent.

I Don’t Accept Gifts

In the election of 2014, governor candidate, Tom Ervin, suggested that legislation should be introduced to ban all gifts to legislators. That idea resonated with me. Rather than wait on legislation to pass, I have decided to take a no gift pledge. I will not accept any gifts that are given to me in my capacity as a member of the General Assembly.

I am always open to your ideas and suggestions, please feel free to email or call. My contact info is available here.